Guillaume Tell, Guglielmo, Gioacchino Rossini, Handlung, Synopsis

Online opera guide and synopsis to Rossini’s GUILLAUME TELL

Rossini’s Tell is a great work, yet it is not often performed, the scenic effort and casting difficulties are too great. Nevertheless, it is one of the most influential operas that has co-founded the modern tenor and the Grand Opéra.

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opera-inside, L'italiana in algeri, Rossini, Synopsis, handlung

Online opera guide and synopsis to Gioacchino Rossini’s L’ITALIANA IN ALGERI

The music of the Italiana in Algeri is gorgeous and sparkles with wit and melody. The finale of the first act can be considered the invention of slapstick comedy par excellence and for the female lead role Rossini created the vocal type of the coloratura mezzo-soprano, to which he will create further monuments a few years later with Rosina from Barber and Angelina from Cenerentola.


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Opera Inside, Cenerentola. Rossini, Handlung, Synopsis

The online opera guide to LA CENERENTOLA

Rossinis wrote a rousing opera in just 24 days. Each of the numbers of this opera is a great piece, especially the ensemble scenes are of the greatest mastery.
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Il barbiere di Siviglia, Rossini, Synopsis

The online opera Guide and Synopsis to IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA

The Barber is rightly one of the most popular operas in the entire repertoire and is perhaps the opera comedy par excellence. An intoxicating music and the hilarious situation comedy unite to form a great masterpiece.

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