Online opera guide and synopsis to Giuseppe Verdi’s DON CARLO

Don Carlos is an opera for great voices. Each of the six main characters receives a convincing dramatic foundation and development, and each singer has great musical highlights. Schiller wrote a brilliant literary model with his novel “Don Karlos” . It is a play about freedom and human dignity of the age of enlightement, which ignited the spark of inspiration in Verdi. No other work by Verdi has such a far-reaching plot and the power of five acts.

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Online opera guide & synopsis to Wagner’s PARSIFAL

Like Verdi’s Falstaff and Puccini’s Turandot, “Parsifal” belongs to the last, age-wise words of a master. With “Parsifal”, Wagner was striving for something universal that would elevate the practice of art to the rank of a festival, a “stage-festival consecration play”, in Wagner’s words. This turned into a unique work that still captivates the listener with its mythical-religious theme and its spiritual and musical content.

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Online opera guide & synopsis to Puccini’s MANON LESCAUT

“Manon Lescaut” is the opera that made Puccini the star of the operatic firmament. The work overwhelms the listener with motifs and melodies and never was he closer to the music of Richard Wagner than here. With “Donna non vidi mai”, the Intermezzo and the Love Duet, Puccini wrote iconic pieces.

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Online opera guide and synopsis to  Wagner’s TRISTAN UND ISOLDE

Wagner’s ambition was to compose the greatest love music that had ever been heard. To do this, he had to invent a new musical language for “Tristan and Isolde. He lived up to this claim and composed a work that, with its sensual, stirring chromaticism, was to exert a tremendous influence on the classical music world for the next almost 100 years.

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Online opera guide and synopsis to Cherubini’s MEDEA

No other opera is so closely associated with the name of an artist as Cherubini’s Medea. Maria Callas’ embodiment of this ancient figure was an elementary event that led to a renaissance of this opera in the middle of the last century, the force of which still captivates us today.

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Bellini, La Sonnambula, Handlung, Synopsis

Online opera guide & synopsis to Bellini’s LA SONNAMBULA

With “La sonnambula” Bellini created his first great masterpiece. The singers Battista Rubini and Giuditta Pasta made this opera immortal. 120 years later Maria Callas triggered a renaissance of this work, which continues to this day. A few months after La sonnambula Bellini wrote the greatest success of his career with “Norma”, making 1831 the happiest year of his career.

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opera-inside-Idomeneo-Opernführer_opera_guide_Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart_Synopsis_Handlung_Trama_résumé (1)

Online opera guide & synopsis to Mozart’s IDOMENEO

Mozart considered Idomeneo to be his greatest work in the genre of opera. Inspired by the operas of Gluck, which he had seen in his Parisian period, he wrote perhaps the best baroque opera in history.

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Online opera guide & synopsis to Wagner’s DIE MEISTERSINGER VON NÜRNBERG

The Meistersinger are perhaps Wagner’s greatest stroke of genius. The musical themes are dazzling, the orchestration and compositional technique is masterful, the plot is originally designed, and with Hans Sachs, Wagner has created a unique role-portrait.

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the merry wives of windsor, nicolai otto, synopsis

Online opera guide and synopsis to Nicolai’s THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR

Nicolai’s comedy combines elements of Italian opera buffa and early German Romanticism. The overture, the drinking song, beautiful ensembles and the moon choir still inspire today and make it the main work of the German Singspiel of the Biedermeier period.

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Guillaume Tell, Guglielmo, Gioacchino Rossini, Handlung, Synopsis

Online opera guide and synopsis to Rossini’s GUILLAUME TELL

Rossini’s Tell is a great work, yet it is not often performed, the scenic effort and casting difficulties are too great. Nevertheless, it is one of the most influential operas that has co-founded the modern tenor and the Grand Opéra.

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