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The Aria – Synopsis & Background


Synopsis:  Violetta and Alfredo have moved away from Paris. For three months they’ve been living in seclusion and Alfredo sings about the beautiful life together in the countryside.

Dei miei bollenti spiriti is a lyric tenor aria, which is introduced by the recitativo “lunge da lei”

The recitative “Lunge da lei” begins in excited pizzicato runs of the strings, which. A reminiscence of the hunting from which Alfredo returned and the joy about his live with Violetta. At the thought of his being together with Violetta (Qui presso a lei) the mood changes for a moment into a tender Adagio with a beautiful high “suoi” .

Aria, Lunge da lei, dei miei bollenti spiriti

This then leads to the aria “Dei miei bollenti spiriti”. The orchestral accompaniment is composed in a simple and reserved way, so that the tenor voice can express the beautiful and rapid changes between forte (vivo quasi) and pianissimo (ciel).

Dei miei bollenti spiriti, Aria

The same applies to the passage “sorriso im amor”, which is first sung in normal tone and then again in pianissimo, as if Alfredo cannot grasp his luck.




The Aria – the text of DEI MIEI BOLLENTI SPIRITI

Lunge da lei per me non v’ha diletto!
Volaron già tre lune
Dacché la mia Violetta
Agi per me lasciò, dovizie, onori,
E le pompose feste
Ove, agli omaggi avvezza,
Vedea schiavo ciascun di sua bellezza
Ed or contenta in questi ameni luoghi
Tutto scorda per me. Qui presso a lei
Io rinascer mi sento,
E dal soffio d’amor rigenerato
Scordo ne’ gaudii suoi tutto il passato.

De’ miei bollenti spiriti
Il giovanile ardore
Ella temprò col placido
Sorriso dell’amore!
Dal dì che disse: vivere
Io voglio a te fedel,
Dell’universo immemore
Io vivo quasi in ciel.


There’s no pleasure in life when she’s away!
It’s three months now since Violetta
Gave up for me her easy, luxurious life
Of love?affairs and expensive parties …
There she was used to the homage of all
Who were enslaved by her beauty,
But she seems happy here in this
Charming place,
Where she forgets everything for me.
With her beside me, I feel myself reborn,
Revived by the breath of love,
Forgetting the past in present delights.

My passionate spirit
And the fire of youth
She tempers with the
Gentle smile of love.
Since the day when she told me
“I want to live, faithful to you alone!”
I have forgotten the world
And lived like one in heaven


Written for a “lyric tenor”


The role of Alfredo is written for a lyric tenor. The lyric tenor has a soft, melting voice. The voice must be rich and agile in melodic creation. He can reach the high notes with ease and create a beautiful sound. The lyrical tenor must be able to sing both intimate pieces and more exciting pieces convincingly.




Famous interpretations of DEI MIEI BOLLENTI SPIRITI


You are going to listen this aria from Zefirelli’s enchanting film adaption with Placido Domingo.

Lunge d lei…De’ miei bollenti spiriti (1)  –  Domingo / Kleiber


Jussi Björling’s version from 1939, sung in Swedish, shows a beautiful young voice, which nevertheless shows the maturity and power of the master. The recitative has a somewhat surprisingly melancholic mood.

Lunge d lei…De’ miei bollenti spiriti (2)  –  Björling


Another interpretation by Giuseppe di Stefano from his younger years.

 Lunge d lei…De’ miei bollenti spiriti (3)  –  di Stefano


And a beautifully shaped version by Luciano Pavarotti.

Lunge d lei…De’ miei bollenti spiriti (4)  –  Pavarotti





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