Nabucco, Giuseppe Verdi, Synopsis

The online opera guide and synopsis on NABUCCO

Nabucco was Verdi’s first work for Olympus. After the bitter years of 1838-40, overshadowed by crises, it was Verdi’s return to the light. Verdi displayed a gigantic wealth of ideas in “Nabucco” and the work became a sensational success. He later called the seventeen-year creative frenzy that set in “his galley years”. Read more

Verdi Baritone


This post  shows the technical term VERDI BARITONE explained in a few sentences with links to practical examples.

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Giuseppe verdi, Composer

The online opera guide to Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi was the most important Italian composer in the 19th century. He wrote 32 operas. Many of them got world famous, eg La traviata, Aida, Il Trovatore or Otello.

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