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Sergey Rachmaninov in Ivanovka (Tambov)

The series about historical places of opera art, classical music and culture. Get to know exciting ideas for visits. In this post, Sergei Rakhmaninov in Ivanovka (Tambov).


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Sergei Rachmaninov in Ivanova

Reconstructed mansion

Sergei grew up in the countryside in his early years as the scion of a wealthy family. However, as the years went by, his parents lost their estate due to incapacity, and while he was still a boy, Rachmaninov moved to Moscow with his mother, impoverished. There the pedagogue and conservatory teacher Sverev recognized his talent and let him live at his home, with free lodging and lessons. After his studies, Rachmaninov quickly established himself as a piano player and conductor, while his achievements as a composer, to his great regret, did not receive the recognition he had hoped for.

After several long visits to Germany, Rachmaninov returned to Russia as a conductor and lived in the country estate of Ivanova, which belonged to the parents of Rachmaninov’s wife, from 1910. Here, in parallel with his posts, he found the peace he longed for and composed, among other things, his 3rd Piano Concerto. The Rachmaninovs left Russia in the wake of the October Revolution and never returned to the beloved estate.



Destination Iwanova Rachmaninov Museum

Rachmaninov also acted as an estate manager at Ivanova and lent a hand. After the Rachmanonovs left the estate in the wake of the revolution, it was plundered and fell into disrepair. In the seventies the famous owner was remembered again and the estate was restored. Today it functions as a museum and Rachmaninov’s living situation has been recreated and the stages of his life documented in a permanent exhibition.


Rachmaninov on the estate:

Iwanova Sergej Rachmaninov


View inside:

Ivanowa Rachmaninov


Consult website for opening hours, the museum is open primarily in summer months





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