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Gustav Mahler in Maiernigg / Wörthersee

The series about historical places of opera art & culture. Get to know exciting excursion and travel ideas for opera lovers. This time: Gustav Mahler in Maiernigge / Wörthersee.


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Mahler at Maiernigg (Wörthersee)

Gustav Mahler

It was here that the famous composer spent his summer vacations from 1901-1907, recuperating from his grueling post as court opera director in Vienna.

While afternoons and evenings belonged to family and visits, mornings were strictly reserved for composing, where Mahler worked in spartan solitude in his composer’s cottage above the villa in the woods.





Destination Villa Mahler and composer’s cottage (mini-museum).

The villa is wonderfully located and has direct lake access. It can not be visited, because it is inhabited. The composer’s cottage is located in complete seclusion above the villa in the forest.

The villa is still inhabited and cannot be visited.

Mahler Villa (damals Maiernigg 31):


Mahler wrote his symphonies 4-8 in the simple, one-roomed cottage. He had a simple cottage built for himself, equipped only with a piano, a small stove, a table and a dining table. The composer’s cottage is now a listed building and houses a mini-museum. It can be reached on foot from the parking lot of the lido in about 15 minutes.

Mahler’s composer’s cottage:

Opening hours and information:



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