highly dramatic soprano


This post  shows the technical term (HIGHLY) DRAMATIC SOPRANO explained in a few sentences with links to practical examples.

Highly dramatic soprano

Is the female counterpart to the heroic tenor. It is a soprano voice with radiant power. Furthermore she has to sing roles with extreme emotional outbursts. Typical roles include Salome (Strauss) and Isolde (Wagner). Outstanding role representatives were Kirsten Flagstadt, Frida Leider and Birgit Nilsson. You can hear Kirsten Flagstadt eg in «Die Walküren» or find her via the search function (top right of screen).


An illustrative quote from Christa Ludwig, a famous mezzo-soprano who also sang many highly dramatic roles: “A highly dramatic soprano has enormous vocal cords. There are few highly dramatic ones that have the ability to modulate and creat the nuances for the Lied. They cannot paint with fine colours because the vocal chords are extra robust and thick. An ear, nose and throat doctor once told me: The vocal chords of the Nilsson are as wide as a thumb. And mine are as delicate as a wool thread.”



Peter Lutz, opera inside,  the online opera guide



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