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Anton Bruckner in France (Paris, Nancy)

The series about historical places of opera art & culture. Get to know exciting excursion and travel ideas for opera lovers. This time: Anton Bruckner in France (Paris, Nancy).


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Anton Bruckner in France (Paris, Nancy)

Anton Bruckner (1869):

France was one of the few countries Bruckner visited outside the German-speaking world. In 1869, Bruckner made a sensational visit first to Nancy, then to Paris. The reason for the visit was the inauguration of the newly rebuilt Saint-Epvre church in Nancy. The jewel of the church was a magnificent organ made by the Merklin-Schütze company, which had previously won the gold medal at the Paris World’s Fair. Because the Austrian emperor donated to the church for family reasons, he sent the organ virtuoso and professor of the Vienna Conservatory Bruckner to Nancy for the inauguration of the organ. When he got off the train in Nancy, the gentlemen of the reception committee were somewhat surprised by the strangely dressed man in his mid-forties.

Hastily they organized a visit to the French capital. Delighted, Bruckner set off on a 3-day visit to Paris, where he played at various venues. The highlight was the concert in the church of Notre-Dame, where the entire musical world of Paris sat in the pews. The great organists Camille Saint-Saens and César Franck were overwhelmed by Bruckner’s playing. Daniel Auber and Charles Gounod, who were present, also praised the Austrian’s arts. Bruckner enjoyed the recognition and stated with a wink: “And the ladies who listened to me all said tres, tres. And you know, they were clean!” (Here more about Bruckner’s strange relationship to women)




Destination Church St. Epvre, Nancy

Church St. Epvre in Nancy:

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Destination Church Notre Dame, Paris

The large organ, which dates back to the Cavaillé organ installed in 1868, was fortunately not damaged in the 2019 fire. By the way: the organ of Notre Dame with its 8000 pipes is one of the most beautiful organs in the world and it has, a special feature, an engine from … Rolls-Royce. It so happened that the general director witnessed when the organ gave up the ghost during a mass in Notre Dame. The generous man then donated a Rolls-Royce engine to the church!

Church Notre Dame, Paris:

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