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Frederic Chopin in Palma de Mallorca / Valdemossa

The series about historical places of opera art & culture. Get to know exciting excursion and travel ideas for opera lovers. This time: Frederic Chopin Palma de Mallorca / Valdemossa.


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Frederic Chopin in Palma de Mallorca and Valdemossa


Chopin and Georges Sand’s stay in Mallorca became one of the most famous episodes of Chopin’s life. It was here that he composed the Raindrop Prélude, which became a symbol for the messed-up stay in the supposed paradise.

Chopin had just fallen in love with George Sand when the two decided to spend the winter of 1838/39 in the supposedly mild Mallorca. The reason was Sand’s son’s health problems and Chopin’s hope for recovery or at least relief from his lung disease. On November 7 they arrived in Palma de Mallorca and the whole thing started well. When they arrived at Villa Son Vent in Establiments on November 15, they began by enjoying the mild temperatures.

Soon the weather turned and an icy wind blew through the unheated house. Possibly the owner of the house expelled them for fear of tuberculosis and forced the couple to pay for the furniture, which he had burned for fear of infection. In any case, the son Maurice and Chopin caught cold and they moved to the monastery of Valldemossa, from which the monks had been expelled in riots three years earlier. They lived in an empty building surrounded by cemeteries, which stimulated their romantic imagination, but they continued to suffer in this stone building from the cold and rainy weather that never let up. Added to this were the hostile reactions of the locals, who were suspicious of the unmarried inhabitants of the sacred place and who feared infection from the coughing Chopin.

On February 13, they left Mallorca unnerved in direction of Marseille and later Paris. Chopin had been violently ill for a long time, and George Sand, to her chagrin, was not only a mother and writer, but also a nurse. She later described this stay in the famous essai “A Winter in Mallorca”.





Destination Son Vent in Establiments

This place a few kilometers outside Mallorca seems almost unchanged. Finca Son Vent (171 of Carrer des Clot) still stands, but has long been abandoned and in a state of disrepair. Memorial plaques commemorate the famous couple.

Son Vent:

Establiment son vent mallorca finca Mallorca Frederic Chopin Travel Reisen Culture Tourism Reiseführer Travel guide Classic Opera



Destination Carthusian Monastery Valldemossa

The Charterhouse of Valldemossa is today the most visited building in Mallorca after the Cathedral of Palma and is privately owned. Among other things, you can visit the two cells including memorabilia, which Chopin and Sand inhabited. In Chopin’s cell there is even Chopin’s Pleyel piano, on which he composed his Préludes. He had to have it brought from Paris, because he could not find a decent instrument in Mallorca and it had to be laboriously hauled up by donkeys.

The view from the Charterhouse is wonderful and the building and the village have preserved their beauty. In addition to the Chopin souvenirs, in the Charterhouse you can also admire the church, a historical library and a historical pharmacy. The village is located about 30 minutes by car from Palma.

Chopin’s cell:

Chopin Cell Zelle Valdemossa Kartause Mallorca Frederic Chopin Travel Reisen Culture Tourism Reiseführer Travel guide Classic Opera

Chopin’s Pleyel:

Chopin Klavier piano Valdemossa Mallorca Frederic Chopin Travel Reisen Culture Tourism Reiseführer Travel guide Classic Opera

A Chopin Festival is held annually at the Charterhouse in August.



Raindrop Prélude (Nr. 15 op. 28):


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